About everything and nothing


There is a certain danger in writing an ‘about’ page, because if you are not a 100 percent sure of what you are or what your blog is about, then what you write might not stand true to what things might become later.

This blog is not about anything in particular, because a single theme cannot always dictate your life. And also because I am a very random writer.

I love reading and sketching, which is perhaps why I am big graphic novel enthusiast. Regret reading Maus by cartoonist Art Spiegelman too late, because it turns out that most of my favorite Graphic Novelists were inspired by him. He is absolutely phenomenal.

As far as I am concerned, I published my first book, a collection of 40 poems called “Death & Darker Realms” and it is now available on Amazon. If you have any interest in poetry I urge you to read, review and recommend it. And feel free to tag me in any posts or reviews, even if you don’t have good things to say about it. We shall all fall and learn.





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