Antique_Valentine_1909_01So there was shopping, eating out, chocolates, games, a red and white cake complete with hearts, drinking and dancing past midnight. Sounds just the perfect way to spend 14th Feb? Damn right! Except, none of it had anything to do with the Valentine’s Day theme.

I am pretty much single, happy and a non-believer in ‘days’. And when comes this day, there is the inevitable question coming your way from various quarters (read nosy people) – what did you do on Valentines Day? Sigh. Every year it is pretty much the same question and the same jokes, like that outrageous horrible joke which is still doing the rounds – If you don’t have a valentine on valentine’s day, don’t be sorry cause most of people don’t have AIDS on World AIDS day.

Why am I even writing this? Well, I had a good day. I went shopping with my aunt. Although I could not find anything worth buying, but we did get a pretty cool bag for some 80% off. Now I have a bag for my short trips. Yay.

I was also part of a two people team babysitting four kids in a gaming area, where I had to take part in a few activities too. For example, there was a mirror maze where they would not allow my 5 year old cousin to go alone so I had to go along. Not that it was of any help, because the two of us were lost and the supervisor had to come and help us out. And yes, it was funny and fun as hell.

Coming to the cheesy bit, especially if you are still wondering about the cake with hearts, well, it is not that cheesy, because 14th Feb also happens to be a cousin’s birthday. So we went in for the cliche and got him a heart shaped cake, which by the way was yum! We all took second helpings.

And then when the night came, we had planned to go dancing, so it was me and five other lovely ladies who went out to dance. We were the only girl gang in the club, rest of the place was filled with couples. When the DJ shouted “Happy Valentines Day”, we were the only ones who booed him back. Here is an interesting point, all the other five ladies are married with kids, one of them would be my gorgeous mom. So technically, I was probably the only single woman in the club. But to hell with that, we got our drinks and danced the night away.

So here is one good thing about ‘days’ – you get an excuse to have fun, even if you do not give a damn about the day.