Who Am I

“Who” and “why” are two loaded little words that can trigger discomfort in any possible situation. Most of us are filled with questions and rarely like to be at the receiving end. I mean, when was the last time you told someone “ask me ANYTHING, I love questions”? The quiz fanatics can calm down. Go play quiz up or something (It’s fun).

Back to those two little words – The reader is filled with posts about ‘who am I’, ‘why am I here’ and ‘why am I blogging’. When I read all those ‘I’s in the big bold headers in my head – it feels like I am asking those questions to myself! And I do not want to. Instead, I wonder why the writing world seems to have this sudden collective existential crisis.

After going through similar titles, I realise most of them are a fresh bunch of bloggers and that they must have signed up for the blogging 101 course offered for new writers. Well, some of them might not even have signed up for it. Has to be the other obvious reason – new year, new blog *yay!*(or no yay).

A lot of them will probably not even post for a long time again, until one day when they suddenly remember “oh hell, I started a blog! **** it’s been days since I wrote something!”

Now, I am not trying to be smug about my own regularity but just that – I have been there, done that – starting a new blog and soon forgetting about its existence, I mentioned that in a previous random write-up. An intro post is quite daunting I realize, so the wordpress pros are totally right in suggesting that one start with a post introducing themselves to the world. My own first introductory post too dealt with a few uncomfortable “why”s. Not that I gave anything worth registering away.

But I really wonder how much time does a “who am I?” post take and does it not make people ask themselves certain questions they would rather not bother pondering upon? What if everybody at the back of their head is indeed having a collective existential crisis?

Sidenote/Afterthought- Welcome New Bloggers!