If you have noticed the alliteration overdose in the blog name, I like you already, if you do not like the blog name, I like you anyway. I have decided to take to blogging again, since I have quit my job and I have a lot of time to kill and hence the bleeding. Ah, don’t try to understand, sometimes even I don’t. I wonder why would anybody bother reading my blog though?

“Why god why? Why would they? Why, why why?”

So well, I was wasting some of my precious time in a free chatting site and decided to ask the faceless folks out there if they would like to read my blog. I picked a shady name like desire which did not give my gender away, so I could talk to both men and women. And this is what unfolded:

moni: hai
Desire: hi
moni: ur name plz
Desire: maybe later
moni: ok
ur age what you do
Desire: 24, what about you
moni: had se x
Desire: Why? Have you not had sex?
Moni: no i am virgin i thought ur desire might be sex
Desire: oh, no. My desire is to get a job I think.
moki: ok good. What you like to chat
Desire: Would you read a blog if asked to?
moni: no you had sex?

Well, I wish the chat with this daft virgin could have been more fun, and to protect his fake identity in the chatting world I have tweaked his user name. But you have to read the chat I had with a woman now. Actually, there is nothing to share, the women I pinged never replied. There were two, one called Pretty and the other called Rebecca, but their non-interest killed my hopes of getting a reply from anyone at all.

Perhaps I will dedicate a day to trying out different usernames on these chat sites and see to what kind of names do women bother replying, that would be a fun one. I know the men reply to almost anything, as long as it is not too gross or if they are already having a nice chat with someone else.

There are times when I seriously doubt my social skills. Seriously. Most friends however assure me that I might not quite be the social bee that some covet to be, but I am not very bad at interacting with people either. I do prefer books over people, in fact I even tried my hand at writing a full fledged novella, but unfortunately I realised that I do not have the required writing finesse! So I am trying to practice the dusty fingers at blogging and subject the world to my bad writing.